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Princelia 3Hydra+ 24-h moisturising cream

3 HYDRA24-hour moisturising cream with organic olive oil and sodium hyaluronate Deeply moisturises, rejuvenates the skin and adds elasticity. The organic olive oil, rich in antioxidants, combined with the jojoba oil, nourish the skin while the sunscreen ..


Princelia 3Lift+ 24-h moisturising and lifting

3 LIFT+  24-hour moisturising and lifting cream with organic olive oil and sodium hyaluronate Protects and boosts the skin with an immediate smoothing effect. The organic olive oil is combined with powerful antioxidants that bind free radicals whi..


Princelia Facelift Mask 55ml

FACELIFTLuminous & Rejuvenating face mask cream for all skin types with organic olive oil, argan oil and hyaluronic acid A refreshing face mask enriched with a biopolymer from cassava which offers immediate and proven anti-wrinkle and tensor effect. Other natu..


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